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We are an outsourced design driven innovation department that creates value through a sistemic, critical and creative, thought process.

Founded on the principles of Design, everything we do can be transfered by collaborative and knowledge management systems, that are taught to anyone who wishes to learn.


We co-create projects that generate added value throughout your value chain, whilst building in-house capacities for a future Front-End Innovation department in your organization.


We can help to drive your organization towards high-level creative confidence, with full-on empathy and a collaborative and innovative company culture.

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You could LEARN with us:

  • How to design an Innovation Strategy (this would be a masterplan that integrates fully with the corporate strategy and its operational plans)
  • How to go from New Product Development to Product Implementation
  • How to embed your Innovation Strategy into your company culture through Change Management
  • How to drive New Product Development following an Innovation Strategy
  • How to create an Innovation Pipeline
  • How to close the loop between Product Implementation and New Product Development

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We also have a Research Department looking into wicked problems and complex questions like:

  • How to democratize Innovation?
  • How to create trustworthy systems?
  • How to systematize creative confidence?

Fancy joining our research team? or would you be interested in funding or participating from this work? Let us know! Just drop your email and answer a few questions here!

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agami have designed a collaborative business model that goes in hand with the future of work. We approach innovation with trust, curiosity,and collaboration.

Our outcomes generate value and supply for the needs of this new economy.

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